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Commercial Artist to Fine Artist

Whanganui was where I built my foundation of art. From 1986,the end of my school years I worked alongside illustrators, mural artists and hand painting sign-writers spending 35 years as a commercial artist in the sign & design industry.​During this time I created designs, drawings and paintings, from small magazine cartoon work to large scale murals around New Zealand & Australia. In the background, I still worked on my own artwork as a part time practice.


Since 2020 I have been working as a full time artist in acrylics & oils on canvas, board, and paper, mixed-media including pen & ink and fine brush. My recent compositions are representations of back stories and experiences throughout my years as an artist, surfer, musician and life in Whanganui, Auckland and Taranaki. Combining these journeys and turning memories into art from the city, surf, and landscapes of Aotearoa NZ. Now working from my newly relocated  studio with my family in Taranaki, where the desire for beach & surfing lifestyle is often an inspiration for further creative projects.

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